Geneva Springs Skin Cream  is made in a separate kitchen facility by Lucy Tueller (a retired Dairy Maid). It is NOT made from milk or any dairy products. We have no animal products, no drying alcohols, no mineral oil, and no petroleum products in our cream. The ingredients are:

              Mountain Spring Water from a spring that is about a mile from our house, which has been piped in and is tested for purity.   

             Glycerin is natural from vegetable oils and fats and is a moisture attractor

             Stearic Acid is from palm oil. It thickens lotions and creams.

             Emulsifying Wax-We use a plant based variety. It keeps the cream from separating

             White Cocoa Butter is obviously from the fruit of the cacao tree and as we use the white variety, it has no color or fragrance. It has some anti-aging properties, melts on contact with skin, and begins to absorb.

             Germaben ll – The FDA requires a preservative. It prevents any fungus or bacteria from growing that might be introduced into the product after it is purchased. There is less than 1% of it in the cream and is represented on the label by the four long scientific terms.

            Our cream has successfully passed the FDA preservative efficacy test with BIO Screen labs in CA. This means that it was tested for fungus and bacteria and none was found. Then they introduced a known amount of each and watched to see if they would grow and they did not.

           The color and fragrances that we use are cosmetic pure grade. Very few people have problems with them. If potential customers are in doubt, we advise them to use the Unscented, as it has No color or fragrance in it. By law, cosmetics can advertise no fragrance and still add fragrance to cover up bad smells from the ingredients.  We have NO bad smells to cover up. Therefore, when we say there is no fragrance, there is none.

           Currently we have 6 varieties of skin cream. One is unscented. The remaining varieties all have essential oils in them. We will also do special orders for any of our older fragrance varieties. Ex. Lilac, Love’s Spell (type), Raspberry Dessert, Sweet Pea, Vanilla Sugar and Vanilla Musk.

Our skin cream seems to have good results with rashes, sunburns, other burns, bug bites, cracked feet, dark crusty elbows, etc. It has helped some people with psoriasis and eczema. We are continually learning about the effects the cream has.

           The skin is the largest organ of our body. Whatever goes on it goes in it. Dermatologists and an Electro Dermal Technician have looked at our products. So far, we have gotten positive results. We consider our cream a health product for the skin. It hydrates and heals. We have had children, teenagers, men, and dogs eat the products. They have had no ill effects. However, we do Not advertise it for internal use.


This original formulation is indeed unscented. The healing cream has been used for nearly 40 years by us as dairy people, ranchers, and busy family. It was reformulated in 2003 for marketing, replacing harsher ingredients, using white cocoa butter and adding an FDA required preservative. All our skin creams start as this  Unscented formulation.


We added 1% Lavender essential oil for a grandbaby who would not sleep more than 45 minutes at a time. We tired, bathed, warmed and put the cream on him. He slept for 5 hours. It seems to be our lot to create products and then to find out what they can do. Lavender is very relaxing but also is antiseptic and antifungal. It is good for regenerating skin tissue, healing burns and scars to name some of its properties, Besides that, mosquitoes don’t like it.


1% (tingling) Peppermint and 1% (cooling) Spearmint. Made by request for tired feet. Peppermint and Spearmint are anti inflammatory, antiseptic and help with digestion. Peppermint is also pain relieving, helpful for skin conditions, respiratory infections, arthritis and headaches. Not to be used on children under 6.


Orange oil is added to ‘Fruit Slices’ fragrance. It boosts immunity, stimulates circulation, induces relaxation and reduces depression. When smelled it causes an involuntary smile on 90+% of people.


A request simply for the fragrances. Contains Peppermint, Spearmint, Tea Tree and Lavender. The Tea Tree is a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory. It helps with skin conditions and sinus/lung infections. Again after making this variety customers say they use it for a variety of pain issues and even for the after and lasting effects of shingles. (Note-experimenting with Nature’s Magic 2. Contains double the oils)


Our most recent creation, with the help of June Marie Saxton, has Cinnamon, Frankincense and Myrrh. A more expensive and powerful formulation. Cinnamon is powerfully antibacterial and stimulates circulation, plus has antiparasitic properties. Frankincense has been used to treat ‘every conceivable ill’. It is an immuno-stimulant, antidepressant and helps with respiratory infections. Myrrh is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiparsitic, analgesic, and good for skin conditions. This variety was made for circulation and neuralgia, So far we have diabetic customers finding success with Surge for their feet and neuropathy. It is fairly new so we look forward to learning more.


A Little Goes A Long Way

MRs. Tulip's Lip Balm is also full of good ingredients and contains no animal products, no petroleum products, no drying alcohols, and no mineral oil. The ingredients are:

White Cocoa Butter

Aloe Butter  
Apricot Kernel Oil                                               

Kukui Oil
Jojoba Oil                                                     
Natural Vitamin E
Flavor oils and/or Essential oils                    

It is very moisturizing. Customers say they do not have to use it as often as other lip balms. There is no color in it. Occasionally a customer will say the flavors burn their lips but the essential oils do not. Also we will make a special order of Unflavored lip balm.

Huckleberry - very close to the real mountain berry               
Raspberry Dessert - Raspberry and Vanilla flavor oils, yummy
Vanilla (all flavor oils)
Peppy Mint - Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils, feels like a menthol
Fruit Loops- Has 5citrus essential oils; Lemon Lime Orange Tangerine and Grapfuite                 

We make the lip balm in .15 oz





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