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My son, James, had TERRIBLE eczema all over his body (poor thing) and different things would agitate it from time to time (dryer sheets, bubble baths, winter-dry air, etc).  We had tried every lotion/cream under the sun to try to avoid medications to counter-act all of this. One day, my mom suggested using this and just seeing what it would do...after all, it couldn't get any worse, right?  Well, I started by alternating between [Geneva Springs] and Eucerine creams and his flakey skin disappeared, so I went strictly to Geneva Springs for a couple of days and his elbows and neck completely cleared up of the problem (those were the worst spots, cracked, bleeding and scabbed over).  The scabs are all gone and he has NO dry or flaky skin anymore.  Thank you SO much for this product!  We'll be buying more when we come out there next!   - Sandi, CO 

My husband has a bad ankle (from an airplane crash...) and it hurts him every day, some days worse than others. He is on his feet all day long...he is a machinist...well I got out the Peppy Mint cream you sold me and rubbed it on for a long while. Later he told me it quit hurting, so I will keep doing it and I will try it on any other joints that hurt us. Now guess what he wants me to do EVERY night ??? Rub his ankle with your mint cream. Thank you very much.
- Kitty SLC, UT                                           

Hi Lucy !!!!
Celiisa is doing great! She's so happy, her skin is so much softer, the dryness and cracking are leaving. She loves it! It just makes her feel better that her skin is softer. She said her neck is softer and she's not experiencing anymore pain. I just told her to keep on using it. Thank you again, Lucy.
- Celiisa's Mom

I am an electro-dermal technician.  That means I work with clients and their health concerns.  I have seen many cases of psoriasis, eczema, patchy-dryness, and deep, sore fissures.  I, myself, am prone to cracking feet, and have used Geneva Springs Hand Cream myself.  Since I have received fantastic results, I was eager to share my good fortune with others.  Several of my clients have taken my advice and tried Geneva Springs Hand Cream.  One happy client returned to my office to purchase five more jars, since her eczema cleared up in less than a week's time.
     One client, in particular, had worried me for several months.  We had tried many different products, vitamins, topical gels, ointments, and mineral solutions on her hands.  She had the worst case of painful, bleeding, cracking, palm-psoriasis that I have ever seen. Over the course of our treatment, we recognized some positive results, but not the cure I was looking for. Finally,  I suggested that she simply try Geneva Springs Hand Cream.  After everything else we tried, I wasn't holding breath -- so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I met with her six weeks later.  She flashed her hands at me, as well as a giant smile.  "Look!" she cried, " No more problems!"  I was astonished at the remarkable transformation! Geneva Springs Hand Cream was a simple solution to a very difficult problem.      
- June Marie Saxton, Electro-Dermal Technician
(owner, practitioner--Bear Necessities, Montpelier, Idaho)

     I have had eczema on my hands for several years, and I have been treated with prescriptions which would give temporary relief.  However, these medicines never completely cleared up my skin condition, and the eczema would reoccur causing cracking, bleeding, and  sore hands.  I even tried paraffin treatments to try and lock in moisture to get some relief.  In May 2003, I had a friend recommend I try this hand cream.  After several days I couldn't believe the difference, and within just a few weeks my hands had cleared up.  Occasionally, I forget to apply the cream daily and the condition flares up again, but as long as I faithfully use it, there are no signs of my eczema. - Janeene, ID

     I’ve always had a problem with dry, dark elbows and cracking bleeding fingertips. After using Geneva Springs Hand Cream my elbows are soft and pink.  My fingertips have stopped bleeding.  My son has been using it on his face and he swears that it is helping his complexion. – Debbie, ID  

     My feet are continually dry and peeling. After using the hand cream regularly they are soft and don’t peel. My hands and elbow are soft now and not showing the age that they were. My daughter used it on the discoloration on her legs and elbows.  The patches have lightened and some have disappeared completely. – Leonora, ID  

     I have very sensitive skin and can’t apply most lotions. However Geneva Springs Hand Cream on my back alleviated the continual itching without stinging. I also use it on my, feet and elbows. I have seen significant difference. The roughness was gone and the calluses were softened after one application.  – Steve, ID  

     My husband and daughter have eczema. We have used prescription creams without effect. Finally this hand cream, which we tried for one week, stopped it. The redness, itching, scaling is gone. Thank you for this product. – Tweeten Family, CO 

     I have had dry feet for years and tried everything. Nothing worked till this Geneva Springs Hand Cream and now my feet are soft, smooth and cool. - Crystal, CO 

     I usually wear sandals or go bare foot so my feet are often dry and cracked. The cream did wonders for my feet. My teenage boy loves it for rough hands and elbows. - Shirley, ID

    We have been using Geneva Springs lip balm in our office for over two years now and our patients just rave over it!  We put one in every patients' hygiene bag when they complete their visit and some even ask for two.  The wide variety of flavors is awesome! - Dr. Lon McRae, DMD


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